Enhanced Prenatal Care

A new concept in care for families planning a hospital birth

Sometimes, planning a homebirth is not feasible or desired. For these women we offer the opportunity to benefit from homebirth-style prenatal care.

Enhanced Prenatal Care is designed to assist women and their families who are seeking to enrich and deepen their understanding of pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and newborn care in a natural and holistic manner and integrate their choices into the non-homebirth setting.

The comprehensive educational aspect of the prenatal care we provide at Journey to Birth is one of the hallmarks of homebirth midwifery care. We afford women adequate time at each visit to cover the nuances of all pregnancy topics. Visits are holistic, unhurried, fulfilling and comprehensive.

We know that this is the kind of care that all pregnant women can benefit from. Enhanced Prenatal Care visits are in addition to the prenatal visits you will have with your chosen birth care provider. Visits with us impart information and perspective to your pregnancy, helping you to understand and enjoy this special time in your life in a deeper and more meaningful manner.

Each Enhanced Prenatal Care session is 90 minutes, and tailored to your desire and need.  Partners are welcome and/or any other family member or friend. Sessions are held in our office in Croton. We offer sessions covering one or more topics listed below, customizing them to address your unique and specific concerns. 

Enhanced Prenatal Care topics include:

  • Diet review, nutrition and supplements for pregnancy, exercise
  • Discussion of prenatal testing and options
  • Processing previous difficult birth experience (vaginal birth, Cesarean birth, prior pregnancy loss)
  • Coping with pregnancy discomforts  
  • Assessing fetal position, optimal fetal positioning for birth
  • Birthing options, expectations, emotions and preferences
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn testing
  • Circumcision decision
  • Early parenting, first-time parenting
  • Planning a vaginal birth after Cesarean

Please contact us if you would like to more information about our Enhanced Prenatal Care program. Email us or call 914-500-8864.

“…It’s the state of being pregnant, as if you’re weaving a house for your child out of your own body, and it takes all your energy, all your attention.”
— Hilma Wolitzer