Homebirth FAQs

Do you take insurance?

There are no homebirth midwives in our area that are in-network with any insurance plans. BUT there is a NY State law that mandates insurance companies to pay for homebirth. We work with a billing company who will try to get you an in-network exception (meaning cover us as if we were in-network), or we will use your out-of-network benefits. The difference with us is that you will know how much you will be paying up front, rather than just receiving a huge bill from the hospital after the birth, even if your insurance company is in-network with them. 

What is included in your fee?

Our fee includes all of the prenatal care—a prenatal visit every 4 weeks until 28 weeks of pregnancy, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy (with a home visit at 36 weeks), and weekly after that until birth; the labor, birth and immediate postpartum; a home visit the day after the birth, another one within the next day or two; postpartum visits in our office at 10-14 days, 6 weeks, and 3 months. 

Is homebirth messy?    

There’s no doubt about it, birth can be messy.  But we have years of experience keeping things neat and clean with different disposable items and you will probably be surprised at how little mess there actually is.  At the end of the birth all you are left with is a bag of garbage, a bag of laundry, and a baby!  We leave your house as clean as it was when we arrived.  Sometimes this means doing some laundry or filling the dishwasher, but we don’t do windows. 

What equipment do you bring?

 We bring 3 big bags full of equipment.  We bring the same equipment to your house as they would have in an out-of-hospital birth center.  It includes:

  • Resuscitation equipment: a bag and mask and oxygen
  • Antihemorrhagic drugs to stop excessive postpartum bleeding
  • Monitoring equipment for you and your baby, including a doppler, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope, and infant stethoscope.
  • Supplies for the newborn exam and any newborn procedures that you choose, including a scale, measuring tape, and vitamin K.
  • Suturing equipment to do repairs if any tearing occurred, and lidocaine to numb for suturing.

Is water birth an option?

Yes.  If you do not have a Jacuzzi sized tub we have a local doula who rents out birth tubs.  

How long do you stay after the birth?    

Typically we stay for 3-4 hours after the birth.  During that time we clean up from the birth, make sure mom has eaten something, help her to the shower, do a full newborn check-up, check mom and baby’s vital signs multiple times, answer any and all questions. 

Prenatal Care FAQs

What is a typical prenatal visit like?

Our first prenatal visit is long, about 2 hours.  There is a lot of paperwork to do at that visit.  We will also review your diet, discuss any pregnancy discomforts you may be having, do any necessary blood work, and a physical exam.  Subsequent prenatal visits are an hour long – plenty of time to discuss what is happening at your point in pregnancy, discuss prenatal testing at the various points in pregnancy, answer your questions, as well as do a belly check. Each visit includes a urine check, blood pressure, listening to baby’s heart beat (doppler or fetoscope), measuring the growing baby, and feeling of baby’s position.  

Who can come to a prenatal visit?

Please feel free to bring along whomever you’d like! We love getting to know partners as well as the moms, sometimes people will bring a family member or even their doula.  Children are welcome as well, we have bins of toys for them to play with and always have snacks on hand. 

Is Enhanced Prenatal Care covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, it is not. Insurance companies will only pay for your primary care provider during pregnancy. However, there is a possibility that the payments made towards Enhanced Prenatal Care can be applied to your deductible. 

Is Enhanced Prenatal Care meant to take the place of the prenatal visits with my usual midwife or OB/GYN?

No, our Enhanced Prenatal Care meetings are in addition to your regular prenatal visits.  

Is Enhanced Prenatal Care a replacement for childbirth classes?

Enhanced Prenatal Care is different from childbirth classes. We cover different topics and give you an in-depth look from a providers point of view.  We discuss the medical aspects of your pregnancy, while a childbirth educator discusses different ways you and your partner can approach labor. 


Is GYN well-woman care with your practice covered by insurance?

We are out-of-network providers.  We provide you with a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company.  This can go towards your deductible or be reimbursed depending on your out-of-network benefits.   It is up to you to submit it if you so choose.  All lab work will be covered as your insurance company typically does.  

Why would I want to come to you instead of someone covered by my insurance?

First off, we serve you tea.  Our office is warm, relaxed, and inviting, like sitting in a friends living room.  We give our undivided attention to you for a full hour with no wait time.  We go over your history, discuss any issues you might be having, and review your diet and supplements.  All lab work is drawn in our office, no need to go to another lab or location.  Our GYN exams are gentle.