For most low-risk women, planned homebirth attended by licensed professionals is a safe, rewarding experience. Your body—the only “home” your baby has ever known—is accustomed to the settings, rhythms, and atmosphere in your home. This is also true for your baby.   

At Journey to Birth, our intention is to develop a trusting relationship with you over the course of your prenatal care so that you, your baby and your family can fully enjoy the experience of homebirth. We believe a loving, nurturing sensibility is essential. We support you through the entire journey, beginning with Prenatal Care, followed by Labor and Birth, and Postpartum Care.

No Cost Consultative Visit for Homebirth Care

We meet with all prospective clients for about an hour before making any obligations. This is to ensure that homebirth is an appropriate option and to ensure that Journey to Birth is the right “fit” for you and your family.

This meeting usually takes place in our office, allowing you to judge the time and distance you will spend getting to prenatal appointments. We’ll answer all your questions, including those about finances.

Prenatal Care

Whether it is the first or fifth baby that you are welcoming into your family, pregnancy is an adjustment to life. Birth is a time honored life event that benefits from time spent with your care providers. 

Prenatal care typically begins early into your pregnancy. But we welcome a transfer of care into our practice later in pregnancy as well. The hallmark of prenatal care is your visits in our office, but we also ensure unimpeded access to the midwives via text message, email and phone calls.

Prenatal care includes:

  • 8 to 12 prenatal care visits, including one at-home visit later in your pregnancy
  • Belly, blood pressure and weight monitoring
  • Blood tests
  • Any necessary prescriptions for medications, ultrasounds, genetic tests or other tests
  • Support and guidance on how to optimize pregnancy health
  • Nutritional counseling and supplements
  • Pregnancy exercises and relaxation techniques
  • Fetal positioning exercises for optimal birth
  • Discussion of birth options
  • Preparing emotionally for labor and transition into parenthood
  • Education about parenting methods
  • Incorporating alternative therapies, herbal, homeopathic, acupuncture and chiropractic as desired and indicated

Labor and Birth

Our years of birth experience lend a calm, respectful and honoring presence in your home. To ensure the safety of you and your baby, we bring with us the necessary equipment and any medications you may need. You will need to gather ordinary household supplies and purchase a customized birth kit that provides what you need to give birth at home (see FAQs for more information). If desired, arrangements for the rental of a birthing pool can be made. By the time labor begins and birth is near, the relationship we have built guides how we best attend to you, bringing forth your confidence and joy during the birth process.        

After your baby arrives, we remain with you until you and your baby are well settled. We perform a full newborn physical exam and make sure nursing is off to a good start. As a new mother, you will shower and eat. Then once you and babe in arms are well transitioned, we give you thorough instructions on caring for yourself and your baby for the next 24 hours until we visit again. We tuck you into bed with a beautiful baby in your arms and leave you with the assurance that your house is in order.

Postpartum Care

Just after a baby is born is a tender, emotional time, filled with excitement, calm and exhaustion. Rest is essential. Depending and leaning on loved ones is essential! Guidance from your care providers is essential!! Journey to Birth will be there for you during this time. 

Throughout your Postpartum Care, you will receive continued observation, care and support for you, your baby and your partner. You will have 3 to 5 visits during the days and weeks after birth. Our first visit is in your home as soon as 24 to 36 hours after birth, followed by another visit the day after. Typically, you come to our office at 1.5 to 2 weeks, then at 4 to 6 weeks for a full a physical exam. 

The last visit at three months is in addition to the traditional postpartum exam for mom. By 4 to 6 weeks, your body has reached its physical “new normal,” but a mother’s emotional adjustment can last until the end of the child-bearing year. That’s why we believe that an extra visit is essential for your overall well-being. You bring your baby with you, and we discuss your birth, the changes in your life and in your body.

Here is an overview of the services included in Journey to Birth Postpartum Care:

  • Full physical, tests and health review for mom
  • Newborn physical exam and state-required tests, including Newborn Screening Test and Congenital Heart Disease Screening
  • Continued monitoring and observation of your baby’s physical health
  • Breast-feeding observation and guidance
  • Discussion of pediatric care
  • Guidance on parenting and coping skills
  • Continued mother and partner emotional support (discussion of how you and your partner are feeling and adjusting to a new baby in your life, what you have observed about your own baby)
  • Discussion of birth control options
“One of the best kept secrets in North American culture is that birth can be ecstatic and strengthening. Ecstatic birth gives inner power and wisdom to the woman who experiences it…”
— Ina May Gaskin, Guide to Childbirth