Homebirth Stories

From Raquel, mother of Emilia

I’m delighted that I had the birth of my dreams: natural, peaceful, healthful, no stitches, just like nature intended, and I am thankful for the choices I was given throughout my pregnancy. We had a great support team with the midwives from Journey to Birth, their assistants and our doula. I would definitely have another homebirth -- in a heartbeat. 

From Charlotte, mother of Savannah

Choosing Journey to Birth Midwifery was the best thing I could have done to allow for such a successful birth. Susan, Cathy and Nancy were in tune with what my body needed to stay healthy and were confident that I could do this at home. They had so many suggestions but never pushed anything on me. They visited us at home one day after Savannah was born and the day after that. We will have 2-week and 6-week visits at their office and an additional 2 or 3 thereafter as Savannah grows in her first year of life. The midwives are truly invested in helping our family flourish and stay healthy. Our family feels connected to each of them and we speak often of our amazing birth experience.


From Allison, mother of Theo

The moment I was introduced to the idea of homebirth, I knew it was the path I wanted to take to deliver my second child.  After my consultation with Susan, I was certain Journey to Birth would be the right fit. I couldn’t have picked a more nurturing, patient and attentive trio to have guided me through this beautifully challenging experience.  From the very first appointment to my post birth visits, I always felt there was genuine care and consideration for the well-being of my family.  One of many lovely and special attributes about your practice is the unwavering encouragement and guidance I received through the process of creating and fulfilling my own birthing goals.  Feeling this wonderful sense of empowerment boosted my self-confidence to advocate for myself as a mother and a woman. My homebirth will forever be a special memory filled with joy and love.  I can’t thank you all enough for the ease and comfort you provided at every step of my journey to birth.

From Dee, mother of Willow

From the moment I met Cathy and Susan, I knew in my heart I could trust them and that they would always do what was best for my baby and me.  Nancy’s calm energy just solidified that this was where I needed to be. My birth was long and not always easy but I knew that I had the best team a birthing mother could ask for. They never gave up on me and were a constant source of love and support.  When my little Willow came into the world she was surrounded by the strongest women in my life. I considerate it such a blessing that Cathy, Susan and Nancy were among those women. My daughter will grow up knowing she entered this world surrounded by love. They are now forever a part of our family and we could not feel more blessed to be able to say so. 

From Maggie, mother of Baby Boy Markandeya

Almost three weeks later, I am still aglow from a wonderful birth experience.  I feel really lucky that you took me on as a patient... Your optimism and hope are palpable.  And your decades-long friendship is inspiring and heart-warming... The three of you together are an awesome team-greater than the sum of your parts; and I felt so well taken care of (and loved!) by each of you.

From the Man Cave

A father's story of the homebirth of Baby Bryn

Our home birth with Journey to Birth was an awesome experience.  As a father playing more of a support role, I was able to feel more present for the birth because there were not as many distractions. We had two midwives, and a midwife assistant there, for the whole eight hours of active labor.  They are there to help when you need advice, but you don't feel like you're being watched either. When her contractions started to subside, they encouraged her to change locations and to lie down and rest and wait for the contractions to return. This was excellent advice and resulted in a much faster pushing stage. There was no feeling of being rushed or pressured.

The biggest thing that I could say to someone considering homebirth is that the quality of the experience is so much higher than a hospital. You don't get interrupted by anything and you get to bond with the new baby and mom much faster. There's no whisking the baby away. You get to really appreciate those precious first few hours. You're not distracted by all of the bureaucratic processes of the hospital. You get to adjust to being a new family in a safe familiar place. And you get to sleep! 

My wife said it was the best care she has ever received and I agree completely. The level of care at Journey to Birth is phenomenal. At such a tender time for a new family, these are the people you want by your side. They are very supportive and caring people. They allow you to make the decisions that are right for you. They give you the pertinent information and then they let you make the choice. There's no pressure. They are like a breath of fresh air.  

My wife said it was the best care she has ever received and I agree completely. The level of care at Journey to Birth is phenomenal. At such a tender time for a new family, these are the people you want by your side.

Prenatal Care Stories

When it came time for me to give birth, the relationship I formed allowed me to relax completely. I trusted their judgment and knew they would be available the moment I needed them.

The care I received from the midwives and Nancy is simply beyond words. During my prenatal visits I was never rushed. They demonstrated a vast knowledge of obstetrics, which was communicated in a clear and easy to understand manner.  However, what happens in a prenatal visit goes well beyond a simple physical exam. There is attention to the psychological impact of pregnancy on both partners, and makes space for you to reflect on your pregnancy and prepare for parenthood.   They clearly love what they do. 

The level of care provided during pregnancy creates a strong foundation for your labor and birth. When it came time for me to give birth, the relationship I formed allowed me to relax completely.  I trusted their judgment and knew they would be available the moment I needed them.  

They arrived prior to delivery and were organized, attentive, and calm.  They stayed long after my son was born, checking us frequently, and then followed up with us tirelessly in the days following, eager to ensure that breastfeeding was off to a good start.

I hope many other mothers are fortunate enough to work with this amazing team, because with their support you can access the full experience of natural childbirth.  They provide the combination of vast expertise and immensely loving support that you need to birth at home.