This Is Your Journey, 
You Choose the Path

Our philosophy is to listen, teach and listen more—all the while supporting you and providing expert medical care. Whether it’s for homebirth, enhanced prenatal care or gynecological care, your visit is personalized. Our approach integrates traditional and holistic evidence-based information. We believe that within the parameters of nutrition, exercise, mental preparedness and spiritual awareness, every woman can achieve optimal health. We listen to your needs and wishes, and instill the knowledge you need to make the best healthcare decisions for you and your family. 

With the supervision of experienced, licensed professionals, having a planned homebirth is a safe and rewarding journey. A carefully monitored homebirth has been proven to be very safe and successful for women who have been helped to stay low-risk through nutrition and good prenatal care (Johnson, K.C., and B.A. Daviss. 2005. "Outcomes of Planned Home Births with Certified Professional Midwives: Large Prospective Study in North America." BMJ 330: 1416). To ensure the best possible outcome, Journey to Birth homebirth services are comprehensive and individually tailored to the pregnant mother and her growing family. This comprehensive approach not only promotes the utmost well-being for mother and child, it also prepares a woman for motherhood. Routine prenatal care visits in which we thoroughly monitor and review the physiological progression of your pregnancy are just as much of an opportunity to discuss childcare, parenting and emotional transitions you and your family experience. Transfer patients are welcome.

We minimize risks by operating within a healthcare system that provides efficient transfer to hospital care when required. We have access to a network of trusted obstetricians for consultation if needed.

As midwives, we are dedicated to the continued future of the practice. We have actively participated in the education of future midwives, as preceptors to midwifery students, guest speakers at Columbia University, and as current mentors to our own Nancy McDaid. 

Your journey through labor, homebirth, and postpartum is richly physical, emotional and spiritual. It transforms you, your family and all the people who are involved. As Journey to Birth midwives, we honor and celebrate this abundantly personal event.










“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers—strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”
— Barbara Katz Rothman